Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Desktop Environments

The thing that finally got Linux off the ground was not sash :) but a GUI called GNOME created by a young programmer named Miguel de Icaza. GNOME is an example of a desktop environment or GUI. They make computing more fun but, as I say, slower. X is also a desktop environment. I personally prefer Xfce, but I also think KDE is cool. What environment do you use? Why? Tell us about it.

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Staci said...

I use GNOME, and I will admit that my main reason for trying it in the first place was because Miguel de Icaza made it (I have a huge crush on the guy, and I think his work is just generally awesome). But, after actually using it, I realized it's true brilliance and ease, and it makes for a beautiful GUI, Miguel or not. KDE never appealed to me much. It always looked so yucky whenever I used it, while GNOME looked very clean. That's just my input. :)