Thursday, November 09, 2006

Spotlight: OpenBSD

Among the major branches of the BSD group of Unixes is OpenBSD, which, according to a April 2006 survey conducted by the BSD Certification Group among 4330 BSD users on various mailing lists, is the second most popular type of BSD (from OpenBSD Wikipedia article). I may, in fact, install this on my new laptop. But I am still thinking. After all, it did take me hours to finally install NetBSD, and that was NetBSD. Anyway. OpenBSD is highly portable, but not quite as portable as NetBSD. What OpenBSD is famous for is security. It is highly encryptable and has many features to help with securing servers and web pages. It is a simple and spartan but secure operating system. I will think about it........tell me what you think of it as well............
If you want to get it, there are a number of places to download it on iso images and through BitTorrent. Have fun and be safe. :)

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