Tuesday, October 24, 2006

New stuff: My Discovery of Ubuntu!

Let's see......today I discovered Ubuntu. I had heard of Xubuntu, Ubuntu with Xfce (the mini, mousey Unix desktop environment) from a friend at the Computer Club, and, after asking a few questions, decided to learn more about Ubuntu. So I googled it and went to Ubuntu's homepage, www.ubuntu.org (I could have guessed that url). I learned there that Ubuntu is a free, simple ("Linux for Humans") distro of Linux that normally comes with GNOME, but can also come with either KDE or XFCE. It also is available as either a server or a desktop package. Hmmm........a bit of a better interface than sash :) . Maybe I will consider using this on a small notebook......
Still, I think NetBSD suits me well and I will stick with that system for now.

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Wilf said...

The Ubuntu homepage is actually at www.ubuntu.com. www.ubuntu.org is something completely different :)