Saturday, October 28, 2006

Using KDE, GNOME and X with NetBSD

Okay, so you probably understand that I only use the shell. Just bash, that's right. Now I have decided to install X and, especially, KDE on my machine. To install X, I believe that you simply install it as is comes distributed on the cd (the i386/Amnesiac port). X is required for KDE, I think. So install it as sysinst will tell you. For me, it messed up my installation of 2.1, so I just forgot about it and stuck with the shell. Maybe 3.0.1 or, sometime soon, 3.1, will handle it. Next, for KDE.

I know that you can download KDE from the pkgsrc collection on the NetBSD website. However, I am still reading about how I might want to install it. Let's see.........Google's package collection. I guess that you just have to install it according to a makefile in the package. The same I think is true for GNOME.

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