Tuesday, October 17, 2006

New Stuff

Hello again. I have had a good weekend and am now getting back to school. I have done some new stuff with my Pentium I machine, one of which was realizing you can't mount a CD (cd9660 format) as ffs. I knew I couldn't, but for some reason I put mount /dev/cd0a /cd9660 instead of mount -t cd966o /dev/cd0a /cd9660. Well, at least I know now. I still did some other stuff on that day with the machine. I started to figure out cat (you'll hear more about this command later) and have continued to work with gcc/g++ and my C programming. I also plan to use emacs really soon. I have learned about many of its cool features, and look forward to using it. I also updated my website at http://guofu.freeshell.org. Finally I have some new plans for this blog, which I will tell you about very soon...... In addition, if you have any tips, ideas, or suggestions for my Unix work (sometimes troubles, but usually fun times) or this blog, feel free to comment.

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