Wednesday, October 25, 2006

New to the Blog?

Hello, xatapu of "Computing with Unix" here. Today I would like to introduce the blog and tell you a little bit about what the other contributors, Harry and insmod, and I have worked on here.
First, I will tell you that this is a blog about Unix and Linux in general. It is updated daily, with new editions coming out weekly. We now are on our third edition, since the blog's debut on October 11. The next edition will come out on November 1. We talk about various specific areas from time to time, but we stick mainly to this topic. We are also strong open source supporters. I specialize in Unix, as in shell Unix, and programming, insmod is a Linux expert, and Harry is Mac person with a little experience with Linux. As far as catagories of topics, we talk about distributions, programming, general use, news, ports of Unix, software reviews, different operating systems and movements, specific commands, and much more. As far as columns, there's "Command of the week," "Unix today," "Cool packages," "Spotlight," (coming soon) "Distributions," "New digs," and "Ports." I also have decided to have "themes" on some weeks about different things, such as operating systems or companies. This week I will be covering Sun and Java as a theme. Next week KDE, GNOME and other desktop environments might be discussed as a theme. In general, this is a blog concerning most Unix, Linux, and open source.

Again, to start, check out our archives and read some of our articles. There you can learn more about the blog and know more about Unix at the same time. Feel free to comment or email us on different concepts or with questions.


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