Thursday, October 26, 2006

News From Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems

Today my dad went to a seminar thing featuring the chairman of Sun Microsystems. This is what my dad told me:
  • Apparently Java will be open source next week!
  • "Sun" wants to bring all textbooks to the 'net. Eliminating all textbook costs for schools and also taking pounds of students backs!
  • Apparently they are releasing a Wiki site that will have lots of textbook stuff. I'm not totally sure about details.
  • They also want all textbooks on cell phone like devices or something like that.
  • What did the chairman say when my dad asked him what he thought was problem the biggest problem with education today? He said he did not like the fact that college was 4 years (or more) straight. He thought people should do a year of college, work in a job, go to college, work in job etc. etc. etc.
Thats about all I can remember right now. If I get more info I will be sure to post it.

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